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Nathan regularly gives tutorials, talks and workshops on his career and work - visiting schools ranging from infants, primary, secondary, college all the way through to university. These are usually began with a video presentation and talk of Nathan’s work (the how,  why, where, when’s) and followed by the participants having a go themselves, either as a big class group creating segments of a full portrait (encouraging teamwork and engaging everyone) or as individuals if they’re of a higher level.  The feedback has always been extremely positive and Nathan strives off the fact he’s often told he’s made the students think outside the box and have inspired them to be more creative. The local press to the area also like to jump on it, benefiting the school too!

Nathan is often sent images of students sketchbooks containing their research on him and even some portraits of him too!

If you would like to arrange a workshop, please complete the form on the contact page.