25 Jan

Now, to most people these days appearing on a TV talent show seems kinda normal... I mean there’s been so many now... but to 21 year old me, it seemed like the scariest thing on earth. 10 years ago TODAY, January 25th 2011, I walked out on the stage at Wales Millennium Center, in front of 3 judges and auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. 

I was a young, timid, valleys boy with a crazy idea of playing with some toast and Marmite because my YouTube channel had been going so well... a boy who had no idea what the next decade had in store for him. Reaching the semi finals of the biggest talent show in the country, was a whirlwind experience, and one which I’ll be forever grateful for. The doors it opened were great, but mostly I’m grateful the way it helped me grow, as a person... I began to believe in myself. 

The growth as an artist happened over the following 10 years... and still growing today. I’ve visited countries I never thought I’d see, stood on stages and performed to millions, I’ve worked for major brands and presented work to some of the biggest stars on the planet... actors, musicians, sportsmen and royalty.  

I can’t and obviously don’t credit it all to BGT, it’s been damn hard work, however that day a decade ago, my life changed for the better. At whatever point you joined me on my journey, thanks for sticking with me. I’m just getting started.

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